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June 14, 2016- Hi Grant: I just wanted to send a message and say thanks for today. I appreciate that you could arrange someone to come so quickly. Jimmy was great and had to do more then expected to make it work. Thanks again Tally Nixon, Calgary

January 11, 2014- "J.T.L. showed up at the house within 10 minutes of my phone call on a Saturday. Resolving not only the plugged drain, but correcting the issue that caused it - shoddy prior plumbing work - all in under an hour. I would highly recommend their services. Thank You!"  Jeff Lloyd, Calgary

August 25, 2011-   Hello Cindy:  THANK YOU for sending me a receipt for the hot water tank. I also appreciate your providing me with a couple more cards as well as the card magnet (very nice logo). Sometimes my clients need competent and courteous trades such as yours and I will certainly pass along your name when this occurs. Have A Great Week.  Cheryl-Anne Priest, Calgary

 April 12, 2011- Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I am so pleased you helped me out with my bathroom. When no one else would, very very fair in price. Will tell everyone how great your work is.  Thanks Again Karla Mastwijk, Calgary       

August 24, 2010- Thanks so very much for repairing my ceiling leaks! I for sure will be calling you in the future! Best Wishes Val Warner, Calgary